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May 20 2016

Essential QuickBooks Reports

Have you any idea who your top ten customers or clients are? QuickBooks can certainly show you where your revenue is arriving from. This is important to the owner of a business since the information can be used often.
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� By sharing this report with your employees, you can communicate who your top customers are and make sure your staff offers them exceptional VIP service.

� Think about recognizing a top client by sending them a personal, handwritten note with something worthwhile?

� Knowing the percentage of income that comes from any one client can be crucial. For example, in the event you lost that client, whatever the reason, would you be able to sustain your revenue? Double check how many your top customer contains!
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To create this report, select Reports on the top menu bar. Then click Sales after which Sales by Customer Summary. Modify the report by hitting % of column then sort by total. I usually will hit the collapse button to condense the report back to make it easier to read. This report will help you to see the percentage each client is bringing in in addition to being able to easily know the top 10 clients. Create this report in your own file and get excited on how you will use the information to enhance your business!

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